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Guild Ideology

Guild Ideology - explained

Lunarys, Apr 18, 12 1:35 PM.

We have a strict policy of recruiting people rather than players. Playing skill can be learned and the character you play as your main can be changed, but being a good person – that’s not something we can teach you, but rather an important part of finding a home with us. We expect maturity and good behavior from our members – in return we can offer a stable and well organized home for them while they play Tera Online.


Celestial Hills is an RP / PVE server. We believe strongly in adhering to the rules that EnMasse Entertainment have laid down governing the standards of behaviour on an RP server. An interest in RP is not mandatory in order to join either guild but as a member, you will be expected to stay in character in /say. As with any other activity, we strive not be elitist against other roleplayers or even the ones who choose not to roleplay.

Although we ourselves expect our members to respect the RP policy of the server, we also remind our members that just because other people do not, there is no reason for us to belittle or make fun of them – if you believe that someone is violating the EnMasse RP policy, please report them to a GM. Don’t judge a person by his name or the way he talks and remember that he might just be a friend of another guild member, so be polite towards them at all times – your behaviour reflects on the guild and it is always better to let a GM sort things out.


Raiding is the  Memento Mori's  primary focus. Our aim is to experience all that endgame content has to offer. We think of ourselves as a progression guild. We all learned to be good raiders by respecting and teaching each other – patience and tolerance is the key to our success and we’ll continue to take this approach to our raiding. Discipline, respect and teamwork are the cornerstone of our raiding – if you intend to raid with us, you are expected to have researched the encounters and be available at the raid invite time with all necessary consumables, ready to start as soon as the listed raid start time.

We want to see all that the game has to offer and we wish to do our best while doing it. We aim to progress through the raid content at a steady pace and be among the high end guilds on the realm. Having fun while learning new encounters, seeing new things together and doing it as friends is the most important thing to us.

You can read more about our raiding on the page with our Raiding and Loot Rules.


We consider ourselves primarily RP/PvE guild  although this does not mean that there is no interest in PvP..

As a member of either guild you are free to partake in any PvP events that you wish with the following restrictions. You are welcome to defend towns and settlements and chase attackers back to their town or settlement. Corpsecamping, griefing and killing lower level players is not permitted either. If you wish to be a member of our community, this is a restriction of your gameplay you must accept.


Applying to the guild

All permissions are now linked through the Guild Application process. As such, even if you are a member in-game, you need to APPLY TO THE GUILD in order for us to approve your application and assign you your member rights to see the private boards.

Please state your main character in the application so we know who it is!

Once you have applied and have been accepted into the guild, you will then be able to see the private boards and other parts of the sites (downloads, raid sign-ups, etc.) and can proceed on your leveling adventures :))
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